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World First 960H Quad Video Decoder
World Best Sync Locking Performance over 400 meter cable
UQ2188 / UQ2138: Quad Video Decoder (4/8 Ch) & Audio (5 Ch) Processor for CCTV Application
UQ2288 / UQ2238: Quad Video Decoder (4/8 Ch) & Audio (5 Ch) with PCI Controller

World First for only one, H.264 Software Decoding Engine for NVR & CMS
HD (1080P x 30 FPS) x 128 Ch Software Decoder, with a single desktop PC and its graphic cards, driving up to 12 monitors.

UQ3388, H.264 Codec SoC, for Standalone DVR, HW Compression Card, and Black Box, capable of HD 1080P x 4Ch x 30FPS, Compression or Decompression.

Hardware Compression/Decompression Cards with PCI_E_interface, based on UQ3388
1080P30FPS, 4Ch/8Ch/16Ch, supporting PC based NDVR, video analytics, POS, LPR, and etc

PC Capture Card for analog cameras: For PC DVR, screen golf, internet broadcasting, etc,
UQ2288 or UQ2238 based on, with PCI or PCI_E_interface 4Ch/8Ch/16Ch/32Ch

HD SVM / AVM solutions for moving vehicles, quick and simple camera calibration,
3D view and Various Viewing configurations, No Blind Spots, Check "ubiqmicro" at Youtube

Product Inquiry to sunnykim365@yahoo.com, skim@ubiqmicro.co.kr